måndag 11 juni 2007

My first blog post

So... Finally... I somehow also started a blog even though I don't have a clue why. I guess I'm just another victim of group pressure. But actually this is my second post but since I didn't realise how to save and publish the post last time it disappeared.. So let's imagine that this is my first blog post...
I you just stumbled into my blog you might maybe wonder who I am.. I try to be myself... But I mainly live in my dream world (that's why my blog is called as it is). I live in a rather cold and small country in northern Europe that is called Sweden, in an even smaller city called Bollnäs where I just moved in back to my parents (it bugs me though) at the age of 21. I'm partly raised in Kenya, have spent quite some time in Tunisia and go crazy about languages. I try my best to catch up with the ones I've started with (Swahili, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Koine Greek, Hebrew and Arabic). If I haven't bored you yet (so you might come back to my blog) probably you'll get quotes or phrases written in a foreign language. But that is not for now...
Now I'll try to save and publish this post and if you happen to see it I probably made it!! :)
I'll go back to my unpacking boring reality for a while.
Cuidate amigo :)