lördag 14 december 2013

To My Darling Loving Brother

Hittade en dikt som vi lika gärna kunde ha skrivit. Bytte bara namnet...

We stood by your bed side
all holding hands full of tears
We held your hands
and stroked your hair
watching you just lay there
without a smile or a laugh in sight
this was to be your last fight
We all talked about your good times
for us they will never fade
we wanted you to feel the love
as we did love you more each day
We watched your every breath
and prayed it wasn't the last
the time we got to share together
went by too quick ... far to fast
we wanted you to wake up
please Jonas not your last
tell me its a nightmare
and not our last good byes

As your last breath drew closers
our hearts were sinking deeper
we were there by your side
holding hands
full of tears
this was our last good nights
then there it was
your final breath of air

I did not want to believe it
this was not fair
we held your hands
and were praying again
we were not ready
we did not want this
we had to understand you were now at rest
up high in the sky shining your best
with no more suffering any more
you were starting the life of the brightest star
we held your hands and squeezed you tight
it was time for us to say good night
All our hearts could do was cry
we will miss you michael so so much
we got up slowly
still praying it was not true
but one by one we leaned over you
tears streaming down our face
we kissed you and had to walk away
saying our final good nights
was the hardest thing ever in sight
but this was the time to say
Jonas our dear brother good night
sleep tight we love you
always and forever in our hearts
always and forever we love you so much
sleep tight now our precious brother
you will be missed more than ever
your loving warm smile and cheeky little laugh
we remain with us and be a part of our lives
shine brightly every night
good night god bless
your will always be the best

© Tracey

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