måndag 5 april 2010

The beauty of Africa

Hittade på en facebookgrupp idag och tänkte bara lägga in några saker som stämmer så bra på mig :) Gruppen heter "I'd rather be in Africa"

You know you're from Africa when...
...having no running water for a day is just another ordinary thing.
...electricity coming and going several times a day is concidered normal
...30 degrees is cold.
...You can do your weekly shopping on the pavement.
...four cars are driving parallel to each other on a one-lane road.
...The smell of freshly rained on mud paths/tarmac is comforting.
...being an hour late equals being "on time"
...you get car sick because the roads just don't have enough potholes!
...you know never to question what you're eating (even if it does taste good), cuz sometimes you just don't want to know.
...a plane flies by and you just cant help but look up!
...you remember being so confused about how you could pay for something with a visa.
...you expect people to tell you they're fine before you ask them
...you used to shower under the rain.
...someone is riding their bike down the road with a bed strapped width wise across the back of the bike and its taking up more than half of the road.
...you love the rain on a corrugated iron roof; it's so loud you have to shout to be heard.
...you know what true hospitality and generosity is...when those who have almost nothing still welcome you in with open arms and are willing to share everything they have with you - even though they barely know you!
...You call a person you've never met before brother or sister
...you learn the native words for "white person" everywhere you go, because you hear it shouted everywhere
...everywhere you walk children run up to you shouting, 'how are you! how are you, how are you?' mzungu! mzungu!
...you find it completely natural to have burglar-bars outside your windows
...chicken is a luxury
...you can look up at the sky and see every star clearly
...the sunset is something to look forward to
...every white thing you own has permently turned a curious shade of orange
...you always drink your drink straight away in front of the shop, and give them the bottle back.
...you spray 'Doom' in your tent before going to bed.
...having mud-orange feet is normal.
...When there's no electricity, you're in bed by dark and up at sunrise.
...you buy a movie on the street, get home and watch it, and realize that you can hear the person chomping on their popcorn in the theatre...only the best :)
...you're sure your going to die 9 times in a 5 minute minibus trip
...you just can't explain the concept of snow.
...your bed back in Sweden doesn't seem right without a mosquito net
...you're supriced remembering that the Swedish grocery stores only sell one or two different types of bananas.
...you realize that after leaving africa you can never have another piece of fruit that will ever taste as good as it does here

...tears well up in your eyes as you read this list, either wishing that you were back in Africa or glad that you are still there

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